Black and White Negative Film Processing

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Due to increasing difficulties in finding processing labs to undertake conventional, as opposed to C41 processing of black and white films, we are now offering a postal service for most of these films. We also offer a black and white and RA4 colour hand-printing service as well. Please contact us for full details of these postal services. Postage is charged at cost.

Please note that these prices are for hand film processing ONLY and do NOT include any prints or scans


35MM any length up to 36 exposures £10.50     Only conventional b&w films processed e.g Ilford Delta, FP4, Fuji Neopan etc. NOT C41 process types.

120 roll film - Medium Format ( NOT 220 ) £10.50

B&W PRINTS (HAND PRINTED) up to 7”x 5”   First copy £10   Subsequent copies from same negative with order  £8.50
Please note that the above price is for a single print - i.e. NOT for a set of prints.

B&W PRINTS (HAND PRINTED) over 7” x 5” up to and including 10” x 8” First copy £16.00   Subsequent copies from same negative with order £13.50
Please note that the above price is for a single print - i.e. NOT a set of prints.

Photo restoration

We undertake all manner of ‘photo restoration including modern images. Please contact us so that we might understand your exact requirements and can therefore give you an accurate quotation.

Darkroom Hire

Are you interested in traditional photographic processing or are you a student who needs  to create a decent portfolio of prints for an exam? We hire out our darkroom for a very reasonable inclusive rate including b&w chemicals from £45.00 per day or £30 for a half-day (up to four hours).
All you need to do is bring along your negatives and the paper you wish to use. (Medium format and 35mm)

We can only process paper sizes up to and including 10x8.   In other words, you will not be able to process any size paper larger than this such as 16x12 and 20x16
We’ll run through the equipment with you on the day to ensure you understand how to use it etc.
More comprehensive tuition provided if required at an additional £10 per hour on top of the studio hire.

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