Jeanne Marie has so far written six novels and a Victorian Cookery Book. Whilst the whole set are available in both Kindle and paperback on Amazon, the only one to be accepted by a publishing house for Nationwide publication was the Victorian cookery book. Unfortunately, although all the preparation had been done by the publishing house including making all the samples, compiling the roughs, plus setting a launch date and preparing the retail outlets, the book was pulled at the last minute by Jarrolds and it never appeared in time for the Millenium.

If you want to sample any of the books before buying and you have an Amazon prime account, then you can ‘hire’ it from them FOC. If you enjoy reading it then you may decide it would be nice to buy the paperback version.

First we have the novels:

Essentially an Edwardian romance.

A science fiction tale

A recent biography from the late 1960s.

A mystery tale

A 1st. World War novel based around a POW’s diaries.

Like with so many other people in 2021, I had a lot of spare time, so I finally put pen to paper and wrote a novel that I’d been mulling over since 1999. Here is is then, 23 years later: ‘Pirates All’. A mystery story set right back in 1966. Available in both paperback and Kindle versions of course!

and lastly we have the Victorian Cookery Book:

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Whilst the paperback version is complete with all the details that were meant to be found within the pages of original published version, the Kindle eBook is simple a transcript of the text.

Please find below some illustrations of what the published version would have looked like, even though it never reached the shelves of ‘Past Times’ and WH Smith.

Just a couple of reviews from Amazon customers: