Presentations and Demonstrations for Societies and Clubs

PLEASE NOTE - ALL our Powerpoint presentations are designed to last for 1 hour, then a BREAK, then a further 30 minutes for more on-topic information. For those organisations who prefer a ONE HOUR slot, the natural break at 1 hour is designed to act as a conclusion when only a shorter presentation is required.

MDO offer several presentation packages which have been used for clubs and societies, ranging from camera clubs to U3A (University of the 3rd. Age) Groups.

1) Portraiture Through the Ages
A Powerpoint presentation covering the beginnings of photography to the present day. Approximately 1 1/2 hours running time. Break at 1 hour.
Cost £32 plus travelling*.

2) Practical Portraiture Demonstration
To many, setting up a studio portrait session is a ‘black art’. Here we have a full demonstration which starts from grass roots level, up to balancing a professional three flash setup. Approximately 1 1/2 hours running time. Break at 1 hour.
Cost £45 plus travelling*

3) Portraiture hands-on session
We’ll come along and bring a full lighting setup. Under our guidance, each attendee should go away with some great shots that they took with their camera.
Cost varies as does the time required by each customer. Please contact us for full details.
(for a 1 1/2 hour weekday running time the cost will be the same as that for the portraiture demo, i.e. £45 plus travelling*)

4) British Caledonian Airways    1970 - 1987
(A Powerpoint presentation)
The full story of the creation of what many still consider to be the greatest private airline in the world - ever. Many unseen pictures and fascinating inside information, along with recent attempts to keep the memory alive.
Approximately 1 1/2 hours running time. Break at 1 hour.
Cost £32 plus travelling*

5) QE2 The last real ocean going liner ever built.
(A Powerpoint presentation)
Her full story with a wealth of previously unpublished information and pictures from 1969 to the present day.
Approximately 1 1/2 hours running time. Break at 1 hour.
Cost £32 plus travelling

6) WW2 1940s electronics Part1.
(A Powerpoint presentation)
This is the first of our presentations detailing various areas of technology during the 2nd. World War. In this particular presentation we look at four different areas. 1) Clandestine resistance radios, 2) ASV (air to surface vessel) Radar, 3) GEE Navigation System and 4) Radio Direction Finding with the R1155 receiver.

Approximately 1 1/2 hours running time. Break at 1 hour.
Cost £32 plus travelling

4) 5) 6) A digital projector and screen is required for POWERPOINT demonstrations. The use of one of the Powerpoint remote controls and LED pointers can be useful if you have one. We supply a speaker and the program.
2)   We supply a full studio setup of lights and camera. We recommend that you supply a digital projector and screen to see the results at each stage of the demonstration. We can supply a ‘newbie’ model if required. (recommended unless you have a reliable photogenic person for us to photograph on the night)
3)   This can either be an evening or full day Saturday / Sunday session. Please contact us for more details. For a weekday evening session it will be £45 plus travelling* plus model if necessary.
* TRAVELLING is charged at the actual fuel cost rather than simply a fixed amount per mile from East Hampshire.

We strongly recommend that for our portraiture demonstration and hands-on workshop, we provide at model at additional cost. If you wish to provide your own model then all well and good. Please note though that these sessions always work best with a photogenic model who has experience in front of a camera for your group to gain the maximum advantage from the event.

We work closely with Hampshire Modelling Agency in order to have access to ‘newbie’ models who have had little time in front of the professional camera1 and therefore don’t charge such a high hourly rate as those with more experience. As a ball-park figure, we can usually find you a photogenic model from £25 to £35 (inclusive) for your evening session.
1 We NEVER provide and use models for our demonstrations and workshops who have no previous photographic studio experience.

CONTACT us for more information