MDO Studio were the first UK modelling studio to start having regular ‘Trash the Dress’ shoots here in the UK. In the following year they began organising a succession of ‘Trash the Dress’ workshop shoots for photographers that still take place to this day during the Summer months.


CONTACT us for more information on either booking your own shoot, OR attending one of our workshops if you’re a photographer.

The idea behind ‘Trash the Dress’ is to offer the bride an opportunity to take some ‘real photographs’ in her wedding dress after returning from her honeymoon.

But isn’t it a shame to ‘trash’ and thereby destroy a lovely wedding dress?

In the vast majority of cases the dress comes away from it’s adventure totally unscathed. It may need to be cleaned, but that would have needed doing after the wedding anyway.

For those who’d like to try the experience because they either don’t have a dress, or maybe don’t want to risk spoiling it,  MDO has a number of wedding dresses it uses for its own ‘TTD’ photographer’s workshops and NONE have been damaged to date, although repeatedly used in this unintended manner.

Of course there will always be someone who really wants to take this idea to a logical conclusion, but is this really any worse than the tale of the bride’s mother, who after the wedding, gathered together the brides dress and those worn by the bridesmaids and threw them in a skip to avoid the cleaning costs?

Do you own a wedding dress and would like to be photographed whilst wearing it in casual or inappropriate surroundings, but are understandably concerned about damaging it? We strongly recommend you choose a photographer who has had considerable experience in this area to minimise the risk of this happening. Our basic price for a private shoot in our surrounding area is £95 all-in. Please note that you wil receive high-resolution corrected copies of ALL the ‘photos we take during your shoot for this price.

Booking a Trash the Dress (TTD) shoot with us couldn’t be easier.

First and foremost, have a think about what you’d like to try as a theme, then consider some suitable location where the shoot might take place. Should you wish to visit our part of the country in SW Surrey and East Hampshire, then we can certainly help you out by suggesting many different venues and scenarios nearby.

Cost-wise, please remember that should you choose to have your shoot within a 15 mile radius of our studio then we’ll charge a total fee of just £95 all-in, . This includes a CDROM of high resolution images from the shoot.

Should you prefer to have your TTD shoot nearer to your home, then that’s fine with us too. All we’ll do in those cases is include a charge for travelling, which is normally the actual cost, rather than simply a fixed mileage rate.

Please CONTACT US if you hve any questions, would like to arrange a shoot or attend a photographic workshop.

CONTACT us for more information on either booking your own shoot, OR attending one of our workshops if you’re a photographer.